On spirtual healing

These days it is becoming increasingly crucial to tune ourselves to the rapidly changing modern world. Most people live in the outside world and do not give the time of day to their internal world. Personal growth and spiritual development are essential in order to continue living a healthy and fulfilling life. That is why alternative medicine and spiritual awareness courses are so common. There is a great need for this type of knowledge, and it continues to grow as we speak.

Many people are seeking a better quality of life, looking for what they can perceive as a real feeling of security and a deeper feeling of trust, so as to become freer from fear of the unknown and the future. I believe that such perceptions can be reached within oneself, using inner knowledge which we already possess but do not know how to make use of.

The subtle body represents a part of ourselves which can become more influential, so that the integration between the physical and subtle bodies can bring us closer to appreciating our personal existence and open us to our essence.

To sense or view the energy centers of the body and to make use of the colors found therein, to become aware of the energy surrounding the physical body and the interaction which takes place in such an atmosphere, and the effects it often produces between people even in a conversation, can prove to be helpful, and can teach us more about ourselves and our reaction to others, recognizing that the blend between the heart and the head represents an expression of the soul.

Spiritual healing goes through all levels: mind, body, spirit and soul.

In my teachings, the principles of energy movement and its relationship to physical health and illness arerevealed. We can see how psychological structures affect the formation of energy patterns and how these reduce the natural ability of energy to circulate and to revitalize the physical and psychological domains.

Basic to my teachings is the emphasis on love and respect for the individual person. The essence of my teachings relates to the life-process of every individual human being.

The "heart's way" is a two way road. What comes into the heart and the expression that flows out. It touches and evolves one's qualities and opens the heart. There is no possibility of touching your qualities without feeling. When we use our qualities the ensuing feeling of joy is inevitable.

Learning spiritual healing is an active process that aims to help people free themselves, so that they can participate and express themselves freely, so they can feel that they are the right person, at the right place, at the right time.
To live in the present is to create the possibilities to expand your aura so as to integrate the spiritual aspect into daily life.

About the Dream work

Therapeutic Dreams, Inner healing, awareness growth and personal development Four-stage dream training
(about 10 sessions per stage)

What is a dream? a Random activity of the brain? a cartoon that is projected on the screen in our mind? Or can your dreams be a gateway to a different reality - a dimension in which the past, present and future merge to form a single entity of limitless possibilities? In this course, we touch on the expanse of the dream from a different angle. We combine knowledge and psychological techniques with spiritual traditions and exercises, incorporating content from Judaism and the Kabala. The course is divided into 4 stages, with the level ascending from stage to stage. Stages 1 and 2 are basic courses in working with dreams and active dreaming. Stages 3 and 4 focus on lucid dreaming. active, lucid dreaming enables us to go beyond the mind and reach the spiritual realm.

Lucid dreaming makes one keenly aware during a dream. This state of heightened awareness is an exhilarating experience because the dream world is multidimensional and goes beyond space and time. It is not subject to the order of the physical world. Here is a place for our creativity to manifest itself. For that reason, we can do the impossible and consciously affect our dreams. This impact has a direct link to the physical reality we experience in our daily lives.

In order to have an impact, we must be aware of the fact that we are dreaming during the dream (in other words, reach a lucid dream). This skill requires the learning and exercises we acquire in the course. In touring and exploring the world of the lucid dream, we expose a reality that exceeds the bounds of popular "dream psychology." The course methodology seeks to awaken the link between heightened awareness and sleeping awareness; in doing so, it facilitates our growth and personal development, as well as our physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

You will acquire all this by using the wonderful gift we all have:

This course will teach you to harness your dreams in order to:

  • Solve problems
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Enhance creativity
  • Improve interpersonal communication and expressive capability
  • Improve concentration
  • Cope with and overcome fears
  • achieve self-empowerment
  • Tranquility and relaxation
  • Physical, emotional and spiritual healing
  • Obtain information and gain a broader worldview of yourself and others
  • Strengthen the link with yourself and your qualities
The coursework is based on scientific studies by Dr. Stephan La-Berge of Stanford University (mapping the body-mind relationship during the dream) and Prof. Robert Moss, a dream researcher and professor of ancient history and philosophy at the University of Colorado - combined with knowledge and spiritual exercises, which have been given a significant place for dreaming.

Study Program

(Courses and Workshops)

1.  Spiritual healing studies (concentrated workshops - healing in stages)

2.  Spiritual healing studies +  therapist training (two-year program, 8 weekly hours)

3.  Therapeutic dreams (dream work that combines work on a spiritual level with the psychological aspect - for healing and personal development (4 short courses)

4.  Short lectures and workshops on a range of complementary medicine and awareness topics (variable)

It is also possible to order workshops and lectures for parlor meetings and groups. a significant discount will be given to the organizer of the group.


Jewish Spiritual Healing
Spiritual healing is a method of healing and personal development that is not therapy (in other words, it is not a structured technique, and therein lies its uniqueness). Treatment with healing is individual: It goes hand in hand with the patient via precise adaptation to his/her personal needs. The treatment itself consists of a conversation, diagnosis and energetic treatment on the treatment bed (some of which involves contact with the body). The first treatment mainly consists of an initial get-acquainted interview and an energetic diagnosis. afterwards, the therapist presents the patient with the results of the diagnosis and the treatment technique required for joint work. Since this is an energetic treatment, it brings quick results: In most cases, there is an improvement as early as the first treatment.

This ancient treatment technique is based on the theory that the entire body is reflected in the feet. The treatment involves massaging and pressing on reflex points in the hands and feet. This opens up blockages, accelerates cleansing processes and reduces aches and pains. The treatment aids the body in curing and balancing itself naturally, without external substances.

Bach remedies
This treatment uses Bach flowers, named after Dr. Edward Bach, a British doctor and homeopath who discovered and harnessed the essences in the beginning of the last century. The technique improves physical and emotional conditions such as trauma, depression, anxiety, desperation, physical and mental fatigue, concentration and learning problems, decision-making difficulties and poor self-confidence.

all the treatments consist of a conversation plus an energy treatment on the treatment bed. In addition, a combination of the various treatments will be given if necessary.

The duration of each treatment is 1.5-2 hours.

The price of each treatment is 300NIS.

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